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Japan Festival 2009 adventures
Do I have your attention? Good. If I don't, I really don't care anyway. :P

Sooooooooo....went to Japan Festival today with Eric. We were suitably impressed by the loveliness of the Johnson County Community College buildings and campus overall. Looks very modern, clean and pretty. Depending, I may take classes there sometime, but that's a story for a different time. Or not.

We'd walked around, gazed at wares, walked around some more, had a little food, and met a friend from work. Then we had more food (spicy good! XD) and walked a little more, and sat in on a panel on conversation. The work friend ended up leaving, and I ended up giving a great impression of my ability to pick up Japanese entirely by accident. Just so happens, I already knew most of that vocabulary. -_-

At this point, I began having severe wardrobe difficulties, to the point that I needed to change. My kimono is woefully incomplete and I need to acquire all the proper garments and ties before trying to wear it again. Or my second, more favored solution: buy a yukata and yukata obi. Much less difficult, lol.

Having changed out of aforementioned kimono, I wanted to put it in Eric's car rather than carry it around for the rest of the day. So we went to the garage, which had ominous amounts of smoke rising from it. Didn't know what was burning, but there were a lot of people standing around talking about the smoke, but seemingly not doing anything else about it.

We were parked in the underground portion of the garage, so we went down. And saw a car in flames. Flames visible from where we were standing. And a hell of a lot more smoke. So we backtracked, Eric called 911 and I hit the emergency button and spoke to campus police about the fire and where it was.

Then we sat outside and waited for the garage to be safe to get down to again. Found out that one car had burned, spreading to the cars on either side of it. Eric's car was directly across from the car that burned initially. Luckily there was a concrete column between his car and the other car. His car ended up having minor damage, whereas the burning car wouldn't be going anywhere, the van to one side had its hood up, and probably wasn't good to go anywhere either. The car on the other side had had it's front passenger tire melted off by the fire. It wasn't going anywhere. We got very lucky. I'd heard a minor explosion while I was calling the campus police, and there was another explosion after that. If we'd just gone on, who knows what would have happened.

Just glad that nobody got hurt.

Then we stuck around while the firefighters and police took down information.

Then we went back to the festival, to buy more food. (this time spicy crab salad...yum! ^^) Also, to shop. I didn't acquire any of my initial targets, but I'm happy with the things I ended up getting. I bought a shirt that I'm pretty sure is ripping off Bleach, but the proceeds go to Children's Mercy Hospital. I'm all for that, so I'll deal and the shirt still looks pretty cool. Besides buying it got me a coupon for a free haircut, and I've been needing one, so hey. There may be a haircut in my future. Also got a windsock for the house, and bought some Japanese manga. My thought is that maybe it'll help motivate me to learn more Japanese, especially since it's cheaper in it's native language.

Those were my adventures today. I've gotta say I hope not everyday ends up being this hectic. Whoo buddy.

I wanna always feel like part of this was mine...
I need to start journaling again I think. At the very least, it'll help in my writing...if I do any, heh. I write, but at the moment most of it is blogging, and I'm not too sure of the quality of the writing in my blog. I'm treating that largely as writing practice also. I used to be pretty decent at writing, but since I got out of school (high school at that) I haven't really done any kind of writing at all, so my skill's gotten rusty.

It'll be the same if I ever get another set of color markers...I'll have forgotten how to use them and will have to practice quite a bit before I feel confident with them again.

My biggest problem is that I start too many projects all at once, don't bother with any kind of time management, then I end up leaving them all in the middle.

Also, I'm currently sick and in debt, so time management is just a tad harder than it would be usually....nothing kills my motivation quite like being depressed :P

I don't know. I'll get through and hopefully have some wonderful stuff come out of all this :D

So angry D
A buddy of mine couldn't make it to series night this weekend. Today I found out why: he'd been depressed because he got into a screaming match with someone else in his group, and is now certain that if he steps one bit out of line, he'll be fired. Which sucks. He's a good worker, and it's all stupidity. The woman got angry about a joke he'd made, in regards to being gay and Christianity. It wasn't even all that extreme. All he'd said was that the lady that sits across from him is a holy roller sort, and he'd joked to her that her prayers were making him straight. Not really that bad, in my opinion.

Still makes me mad though. What a load of bull. This is a great deal of why I just keep my head down and don't talk about a lot of stuff. I have no problem having people know that I'm a geek :D Just not the important stuff.

-_- Stuff like this makes it seem like tolerance of all people is still just a dream. :(

What goes up must come down
Been a while since I posted, think I *may* just remedy that. Or not.

I was actually amazed when a coworker of mine told me he had a livejournal. But I am NOT telling him what mine is, mostly because...this is personal, and we're not that good of buddies. And this is my safe place to complain about coworkers.

AFW was fun, but for me it was kinda just half fun. I absolutely hated my cosplay to the point that I don't even want to see pictures of it. Maybe in another month or so I will have calmed down about it to where I can see pictures, but right now I don't care. I'd rather look at pictures of my Onee-san, and that in itself is amazing cause I have a gut, and those pics show it x_x Ugh.

Why did I hate my cosplay?
#1. It was a dual project with someone I don't know, which turned out to be awkward. When I'm initially trying to be buddies with someone I don't know, I get nervously chatty. But there was hardly any kind of response so I gave up on that fairly quick. They didn't seem to really want to go to any panel, but they also didn't want to just sit. At least that's what it seemed like, and I was perfectly happy in the panels and sitting. I felt too ill at east to pull out my DS or sketchbook...until I was sitting in the cosplay green room anyway.

#2. Excessive prep time. There was the costume, there was the wig, and there was the makeup. If it was just my face and hands, it would have been fine, but my arms were bare too, so they needed makeup. I ran out of makeup after Saturday, and altogether it seemed like I took 2 hours to get ready. It was probably more like half an hour to an hour prep-time, but it was a real pain.

#3. More strangers. And lack of communication, because I'm very wary of giving strangers my phone number. I get enough calls that I don't really want :P It just didn't turn out very well, which has led to my resolution to only cosplay with people I know, or by myself. No more of this. I don't even like the character, but I spent a lot of time and effort on them. -_-

Standing in line for autographs, the last lady gave me an idea of what else I can use the vest for. Yay :o Might be selling the wig after I wash the makeup out of it.

The positive...I did have fun, and I'm looking forward to going again next year. With a cosplay I'll definitely enjoy.

I've known a lot of girls before....
So I feel the need to share my incredible paranoia here.

I was just outside. I go out to the backyard pretty much every night, cause I like night time, and it seems like the only time I might not be observed back there. Having lived in the country for most of my life where my neighbors are definitely not in visible range, having these people close is just weird. I am not used to suburban living, lol. Puts me on edge. I'm actually surprised Cynthia puts up with me as much as she does. I'd definitely be annoyed by myself. Heck, I am annoyed with myself.

Anyway. I'm out there, minding my own business. I realize it's pretty creepy to run around in the yard after dark, but it doesn't make all that much noise, and it isn't disturbing anyone. As in keeping them say...neighbors chilling outside and shouting conversations on their phone would. Or having loud conversations in the street. And since my room faces the street and I leave the window open I do have problems with people being loud outside waking me up.

So I'm out there, and one of the neighbors comes out. For all I know, they just want a little fresh air. It's entirely possible. I know I'm very paranoid. But I refuse to just go back in cause that seems like retreat and I have as much right to be out there as they do :P Besides that was one of the neighbors of the street conversation earlier tonight. Good thing I have tomorrow off.

Which brings me to my job. I find myself not caring much which is dangerous. It means I may just do something stupid and lose my job which would pretty much ruin me. And is a very bad idea, not having a job in this economy -_- So I may actually start being serious about getting a new job, especially if it's closer and I don't have to get up so early. That's my main problem, currently. The early mornings are just killing me. I'm a night person, myself and it's still very hard to hop in bed when I'm at my peak energetically and creatively.

*sigh* Hopefully I'll get my act together.

Writer's Block: Looking Back
LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?

I do believe it was about joining LiveJournal. Good times :)

Too legit...too legit to quit!
Heh. MC Hammer ftw.

Today was pretty damn blah. I forgot my iPod so no podcast/music goodness to keep me going through work. Although I'm finding that music more almost puts me to sleep rather than helps. Surprisingly my coworkers were pretty quiet today. I even managed conversation a couple times.

Apparently I've made one happy that there's 'another geek' in the group :D

And it was rainy all day. I don't like rainy days.

But it wasn't all that bad really. Chatted up some coworkers...talked about the trip I'm taking this weekend. Looking forward to it. I'm packing now, and later I'll finish my jacket. I've found it's ridiculously easy to change the foot on my sewing machine :D It should make zippers less of a pain ;p

Hm...that's it for today I think. I've decided I need to post more often. Daily, if I can, even if I can't think of much of anything to post. It's all good practice.

Think I may try and make a little something for dinner.

A Machine, a soul and tragedy
Haven't posted here in a while.

Same old, same old. Still have my job. I work for a different company now though...SI got bought out by Serco.

Been watching my whole anime collection, by how I put them in the binder. So far I've watched Samurai 7, Chrono Crusade, Loveless, Trigun, and Ouran Host Club. Now I'm watching Serial Experiments Lain.

Haven't been playing anything lately. More I've been working on my sewing stuff. After this weekend, I'm going to start working on a costume for Mistral from the .hack games. :D

I've recorded audio for a podcast with Tommie, I just need to edit it up some, and I'll probably post links all over for anyone interested.

I'm not locked up here with you, You're locked up here with me.
Went to see Watchmen this weekend. It was awesome for various reasons. I liked the movie itself because it did the thing I wish more comic book adaptations would was a direct translation to film. Not 'oh we have to modernize the story', or 'add a new character that doesn't fit' (*coughcoughleagueofextraordinarygentlemencoughcough*) or anything like that.

I will agree that with most of the superhero movies modernization of the origins is actually necessary, seeing as how they're action flicks mostly.

And I've found a new pet peeve. Listening to people talk about Watchmen who have obviously never touched the comic. That just pisses me off. It amounts to being the same thing as acting like an expert on a subject you never even researched.

And we went to Screenland Armour in North Kansas City to watch the movie. Only one screen, but there's a lovely lobby with chairs and tables, you can wait and have a little food. And there's a row of armchairs in the theater itself. It's pretty nice, I really liked it.

Work's been about the same, except there's the open contract hanging over our heads, as well as whether or not we work for the new company or upon reward of the contract, be subcontracted out to a different company. I'm not too especially worried about it. After all, even a new company's gonna want people that have already been trained to start with anyhow. And this is pretty important work, it would be very damaging to fire everyone and train up new. There's just no real time frame for that. And in the event of a layoff, I'll have time and money to work with while I frantically search for a new job. I'm kinda prepared either way.

Got a weird thing to show ya, so tell all the boys and girls
So it's February....which apparently is the time of year where I decide I can just blithely ignore the weather and dress for the weather that I wish for. Or drive with my windows down. Which I did today although it wasn't even 40 degrees out, but that's mostly cause by the end of my day I'm happy enough to get some fresh air rather than keeping the car all stuffy, whereas in the morning I'd rather have the warm stuffiness.

Ah well. And the fate of my job hangs over my head too. Might have to start the job search anew come the end of March. Yaaaaaaaay.


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