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Current doll crew!
Alright, I guess I will start with my current doll crew and pics! maybe. lol

Name: Leigh
Mold: Angell-Studio Vera
Size: MSD (1/4)
Misc: My first planned doll purchase! Leigh's my princess <3 Usually she has white hair, but she's got quite the wig collection, I find she looks good in all the wigs I have that are her size.

Name: Kaeryo
Mold: Ringdoll Dylan (recently discountinued)
Size: MSD (1/4)
Misc: I ordered the Dylan *just* before Ringdoll discontinued the sculpt. Unfortunately they sent the wrong skin color head, but they fixed it (phew!) Kaeryo's my tomboy and my main OC. I have plans to get both a smaller version of her and a larger version hehehe. She always has orange hair, and she's a fighter in any sense of the word.

Name: Arcadia
Mold: Fairyland Feeple65 Siean
Size: 65cm
Misc: My first large doll! She is heavy. The only real idea I had for Arcadia is that she's a wood elf, but now I think that maybe she has regular contact with the "modern world" and is just gently baffled by everything. Her look is up in the air at the moment.

Name: Clark
Mold: Pipos Star Cheshire
Size: ? YoSD-ish? he seems maybe a bit smaller than a YoSD
Misc: Impulse purchase. I had expected the smaller cheshires, so I was delighted when he arrived. He's easily my favorite just because of that face and I can put him in my pocket. It's been decided that Clark is a poser who thinks he's a dj and/or rapper, mostly because my Ken clothes were what I had him in. (hey they fit him) His character is a lot of fun and actually based a little on a friend of mine. (He has no idea, hehe)

Name: Mustang
Mold: Fairyland ChicLine Rou
Size: MSD-ish, but a little smaller (fashion doll sized? I think he's meant to be a fashion doll :/)
Misc: Another impulse purchase. I didn't expect the white skin to be so....white. Which is silly. I managed to break the part of his head that the faceplate attaches to, and the head isn't sold I am stuck with a guy whose face falls off constantly. Unless I actually ask someone how to fix it I guess XD I like to do silly things with him because he's buff and serious looking.

Names: Rae & Ivy(green elf) - the blue one in the picture doesn't belong to me
Molds: Bobobie Sunny/Moony and Elfkin
Size: Tiny
Misc: Rae was my actual first doll. I bought her at the first meet I attended. Ivy was my second. I don't do much with them because of their small size, but I may mess around with face-upping them again soonish.

Name: Utena
Mold: A-zone Utena (on an obitsu body I think.)
Size: SD
Misc: Could not resist an Utena doll, but the preorder was pretty pricey, and then it got delayed. Twice. Fortunately I could cover it! Phew! If there's ever an Anthy available, I will probably have to buy her too ^^;

Not pictured or even at home (yet)
Pipos Charlotte in Pink
Soom Crow (still paying on him)
Dollfie Dream Miku Hatsune (waiting for the bill!...need to save some money for her -_-;)

2 more versions of Kaeryo LOL
Iplehouse Eric
Luts Terra


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