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Mother's Day
Mom got mad at me cause I didn't visit her on mother's day (today). She was also mad that I didn't call her but I texted. Which is interesting. Texting was good enough for my birthday.

Never mind that it's been more than a year since she's visited me.

I was pretty angry with her this past week. We were supposed to visit last Sunday, but there were pretty heavy thunderstorms so I texted her that we wouldn't make it. After waiting til evening, I called her too. She never responded to either.

So Tuesday I call her. She was fine. She just didn't bother to respond to my text or my call. She was quite content to leave it be. But if I had not bothered to text or call, she would've done what she did today.

But today is Mother's Day and I was supposed to infer from a hint that I should visit. I was supposed to just know even though she had a week to actually say something and didn't. I'm supposed to bend over backwards yet again even though I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO SEE OR HEAR FROM HER. PERIOD. But my brother took her to breakfast, so obviously I was supposed to take her to lunch. Even though neither bother to let me know about anything.

I've been thinking lately that if I could just cut her and my brother out of my life for a while - not forever, just a couple of years or so - I'd be pretty happy. It's looking like this is my chance to do so.

Nothing I do is enough. I do what she wants, and she still wants more from me. My love is worthless to her, and to my brother. They've proven over the past couple years just how much they care. I'm not sure what I did to have to jump through hoops forever, but I'm well past tired of it.

This is going to end.

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Good for you! I know family *should* be important, but I also know how much you have tried with your Mom and brother and how much they have tried (not at all unless they want something from you) with you. So taking a break from them would be a good idea.

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