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I Return! (dun dun duuuuun)
This is my first livejournal post in FOREVER. I have to admit, I abandoned this for other social media platforms like facebook and twitter, but now too many people follow me on both for me to feel terribly comfortable being as honest as I'd like to be about things.

I am a giant coward. So it's easier for me to be 'honest' somewhere the least number of people who know me in person will read what I write. Mostly, it's just that coworkers follow me on facebook now and sometimes I'd like to gripe about what's happening at work without worrying that I'm going to make someone else uneasy. I just like to gripe is all. Usually the very instant I gripe, I'm pretty much done with whatever.

So I got the idea to dust off the ol' livejournal. I only know of one coworker on livejournal so hopefully the chances of his finding my livejournal are very low, although I'm not sneaky at all with my usernames. Plus I should just write more anyway. I miss it.

So for a while I'll just be writing about what's happening at work. I think it'll help me work through stuff. I've been having problems with getting randomly depressed at work quite a bit the past year or so. Hopefully this will help lessen that problem some.


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