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It's been forever!
Well. I doubt all that many people read this any more. All the better for me, lol.

I decided to go to A-kon this year, and after having went, I kinda wish I hadn't. The trip itself went pretty well, nice and smoothly. Didn't get lost. :D But the room situation was PURE SUCK. Against my better judgement I let a couple complete assholes share my room and that pretty much killed a lot of the weekend for me.

The good points? There was a variety of cosplay. The very fanatical Inu Yasha/Bleach/Naruto/Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy VII cosplay has died down quite a bit, leaving space for new ones like Axis Powers Hetalia. Although I've noticed in the past few years that even the new cosplay obsessions don't seem to saturate conventions the way they used to. Although there were a LOT of Miku Hatsunes. At least a dozen.

I also added quite a bit to my figure collection. That would be the other big plus. I managed to buy most of the set I started at the convention, with only one copy! Pretty lucky for me, plus I got one of the ones I really wanted. I might just have to e-bay the other one, or look up some American distributors and see about buying a sealed box from one of them.

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