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Woooork ugh.
Recently (more than six months ago now damn) my work announced there was a new location being opened, and that the process we'd just been given would be going over. Pretty much my entire group decided to go to Kansas, and I decided I'd rather not take my chances with a whole new group so I convinced my husband that this would be a good idea. (It wasn't *just* for me, he really hated the way things were going where he was.)

Some months later we FINALLY move! Of course all kinds of things go wrong and of course I should have seen all of them coming a mile away. Nothing goes as smoothly as hoped. Honestly though, it was all quite a bit smoother than I thought it would be.

Cue today. My group is training the training department on OUR PROCESSES. These people were hired, but not trained on anything or they got it piecemeal from the senior trainer in the time she had left before going on to her government job. There's tons of mismanagement and snags that could be completely avoided if only no one's hands were tied. Augh.

Plus I've trained two people on my job and I hate training people. It's pretty much bottom of my list of things I like to do at work.

I'm at an impasse work-wise. It's completely unfulfilling. My boss and his lead tell me that they really appreciate my work but seem surprised that I don't actually believe them. You know what the old saying is, the only reward for good work is more work.


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